• SLIP™ Resilience Coach Training

    10X your results by empowering your clients to resolve the root issues that block their success.


This is a course for expanding your mindset, getting that ‘aha’ moment you’ve been craving, and stepping ever closer to your dream life. 

This unique 150-hour course goes beyond traditional methods, diving deep into techniques that integrate peak flow states for truly transformational sessions.

What is included?

Interactive Online Learning

Our platform includes live and prerecorded online videos for learning trauma informed somatic protocols and mastering facilitation skills.

Gamma Training

We use proprietary methods to improve your ability to access high performance mental states while coaching.

12 SLIP™ Coaching Sessions

An embodied experience of the method is critical to learning how to facilitate transformational sessions, and you will recieve up to 12 hours.

Personal Mastermind

Students will have a unique and limited opportunity to train directly with the founder during the course launch.


Students and graduates will learn together for insightful educational experiences for the entire community.

Success Launch

Most coaches struggle because they don't know how to launch and grow their business. We will help you with that.

"This course is for people looking to push themselves to evolve into their full potential. It is a fertile space for challenging old beliefs, and opening yourself to new possibilities.  

The old top-down, or analyze and memorize learning platform has been replaced by "feel and fulill" your highest purpose as you learn the tools you need to propel you on your path."

​-Mignon Walker, Founder and Lead SLIP™ Coach & Trainer

Where Soul & Science Harmonize for Humanity

Mignon began her journey as a Stanford trained physician. But the allopathic path didn't reach the depths of healing she knew were possible. Inspired to achieve transformational outcomes, she embarked on a path of deep discovery, where the patient became the master teacher with abundant soul impacting lessons shaping her career.

While searching for a tool to help clients overcome their crippling self-doubt, she came across somatic healing and decided to learn more. Somatic processing is the missling link between deep healing and deep understanding. She augmented the techniques she learned with additional tools to make the methods more powerful and safe.  

The SLIP™ Resilience Coaching course is the result of years of research, refining the techniques, and preparation for teaching.  


You will learn about brain structures and function, how resilience impacts the nervous system, somatic practices and the current evidence supporting them, as well as the basis of trauma informed coaching.   


Learn to use breathwork and somatic techniques to create a safe space for working deeply with clients. The emphasis is safety, integrity, and boundaries as you guide clients through somatic processing.


The course begins with your personal SLIP™ coaching experiences.  Learning is embodied and functional, and the better you become at navigating your nervous system, the better you will be able to facilitate sessions.

Expanded Consciousness

Gamma consciousness is the mindset for understanding and deeply connecting with others. You will also receive neurofeedback training as part of the gamma conscious module. 

SLIP™ Resilience Coach Training

  • This course was made for people from all walks of life who feel that helping others is satisfying to their soul.
  • It is for people who know that they are here to have a big impact, and need a results oriented format to grow their business.
  • It is for people who want to work more deeply to have a transformational impact.
  • It is for wellness practitioners, medical professionals, coaches and therapists who desire to expand into a new niche and increase their wealth.

What makes this course special?

Gamma Powered Coaching

You will learn powerful techniques to access your own peak performance states while addressing the your clients' blocks and blind spots. The real focus is on empowering YOU.

Not boring lecture based

Our unique online interactive learning experiences optimize your ability to master trauma informed, somatic coaching. Without these tools, you are limited regarding how effective you can be.

Not for people who are happy being undervalued

Claiming territory in this desireable niche of gamma powered somatic resilience coaching is a clear way to differentiate yourself among coaches and add value to your coaching program. 

Not for people who want to avoid challenge

There is a sweet spot between challenge, satisfaction, and growth. Our coach training provides the ideal balance for inspiring peak performance and getting unparalleled results.

No matter who you are, if your soul purpose involves making this planet and the people in it more resilient and connected, then your search has led you to a place where acheiving your dreams is possible.

It's entirely within reach to make a profound difference in people's lives, pursue work that brings you joy, and achieve financial prosperity.

The SLIP™ Resilience Coach course is a 150 hour journey to become a masterful trauma informed resilience coach comfortable facilitating sessions with and without oral ketamine.

SLIP™ Resilience Coaching is the ultimate platform for those who have explored every avenue, from meditation to medication, from talk-based therapy to mindset work, only to realize something more is needed. 

Somatic resilience coaching offers a profound journey for those ready to delve deeper within themselves and guide their clients to do the same and our proprietary methods are the key to getting it done.

Compassionate results focused coaches make the perfect partners for clients prescribed home ketamine to work more deeply and integrate their experiences.

Does this resonate with you?


Our Team

Mignon Walker, MD 
​Lead Coach & Trainer 

Mignon creates opportunities for people to build wealth while pursuing a passion filled career aligned with their purpose.

Meet Mignon

Jana, Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator & Trainer

Jana leads transformational breathwork sessions and teaches how to use the power of the breath to release emotional  blocks.

Meet Jana

Dana , Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor & Trainer

Dana has a heart for uplifting women and works with at risk youth and prisoners to help them personify their potential.

Meet Dana

Body Talk Practitioner &

Jay helps people reconnect with their inner guidance using Body Talk and Yoga. She is a course instructor and Client Relations superstar.

Marketing & 
Business Growth Expert

Founder of Alycone Marketing, Javier helps businesses achieve rapid growth with online campaigns that harmonize with their mission.

Rebekah Smith

Sales & Strategic Partnerships

Rebekah helps businesses grow by connecting them with cutting edge products and services.

​Client Relations & 

​Event Coordinator

Thandi has an eye for detail and makes everyone feel safe and understood. She is the pulse that keeps client experiences running smoothly.

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